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Upcoming Stuff

I'm terribly sorry -- I haven't been keeping this up at all despite me doing stuff that was worth blogging about. I shall endeavour to get back into the habit of posting more frequently. 

Right, things that are happening.

This Saturday, the 15th, I shall be making an appearance at the Trowbridge branch of Waterstone's at midday. I wish I could give you a link for that, but the web page is down for maintenance at the moment. Anyway, I'll be boring the pants off anyone with the patience to bear it for an hour. It's going to be mainly about Johannes Cabal, talking about the genesis of the character, doing a reading, a Q & A and then, time permitting, a little bit on Katya's World with a brief reading. 

Then, on the 12th October at 18:30, I shall be cluttering up Waterstone's in the Bristol Galleries, along with some other reprobates associated with BristolCon, specifically Emma Newman, Gareth L. Powell, and Tim "The Maughan" Maughan. It's going to be a panel and Q & A dealy, with signings afterwards, and -- if Gareth L. Powell starts channelling Ack-Ack Macaque at any point -- the scaling of bookshelves and the random flinging of poo. 

Then in the week following, I shall be at BristolCon itself. In all likelihood I shall be on one or more panels, but that's not finalised yet. If I got drunk at the Waterstone's thing, it was me up the bookshelves with the poo, and they don't want me on any panels as a result, I shall at the very least be there as a punter. 

If you're in the Bath/Bristol area for any of those dates, you'd be more than welcome. 


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12th Sep, 2012 14:46 (UTC)
Waterstones in Bristol
Nice birthday present.
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