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FantasyCon 2012

Well, I'm off to my first convention in a while -- FantasyCon 2012 at Brighton this weekend. As is always the way, there are things I'd really like to attend that are dead opposite other things I'd like to attend, for example Mark Gatiss talking about TV writing is on at the same time as an interview with Mary Danby. Much as I'd love to hear Gatiss speak, Danby has been a literary heroine of mine since primary school (she'd probably be mortified to hear) when I started reading the Armada series of ghost anthologies she edited and wrote for.

Those books had a profound effect on me, to the extent where, with hindsight, I can point at a detail in Johannes Cabal the Necromancer that is inspired by one of the stories I read from those collections. I didn't write it as a nod to them, even though Necromancer in particular contains a great many wilfully obscure and very deliberate cultural references. I don't think it was a conscious decision at all. It was only later when happening across one of my surviving Armada books (I still have a couple and am loathe to part with them), that it struck me that I'd been holding an image in my mind all these years and it had finally expressed itself in my own writing. 

Which detail? Well, here's a fat sort of hint:

The Fourth Armada Ghost Book

As an aside, while I was hunting down that image, I found the cover of book 5 on Mark Morris' site, and he, too, notes them as a formative influence. 

Morris will be there, as will assorted other folks of much awesomeness such as Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Volk, Kim Newman, Rob Shearman, Adam Christopher, and... well, look, there's a list at the bottom of the site's index page, you can see for yourself. As you can see, it looks to be more of a literary fest than general media (although there's some film stuff). I'm excited. 

And then... come October, I'll be at BristolCon. I went last year and it was good fun, so I'm looking forward to that. I'll write more about that closer the time, but I will point out that the hope is to launch the Colinthology collection then. This is a memorial anthology with profits going to the charity the late SF writer Colin Harvey worked for. The aim was to make it a collection of tongue -in-cheek or generally upbeat stories, and I have a bit of silliness in it that I hope will engender a least a faint sense of amusement in the reader. It also has a beautiful cover. Colin was, by all accounts, a sterling chap and I can attest to him being a good writer -- he deserves to be remembered. 


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25th Sep, 2012 16:48 (UTC)
Say "hi" to Kim Newman from me.
25th Sep, 2012 17:06 (UTC)
I loved the Armada series as a kid. I wish I still had them.
25th Sep, 2012 22:30 (UTC)
Jan looks rather thin in that picture.
25th Sep, 2012 22:33 (UTC)
Jan doesn't drive the train.
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