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Robin Sachs

I can hardly believe the news that Robin Sachs has died (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-21343137). When Christopher Cazenove died, Robin took over the role of reading the second Johannes Cabal audio book Johannes Cabal the Detective. He called me and we had a long and pleasant chat where he asked a lot of salient questions about pronunciations and so forth. He was fun to talk with. Then, late last year, he dropped me a line to ask if I was interested in him doin Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute? At that stage, the contracts weren't done and I wasn't sure of the rights would be available, so we chatted about this and that at length. As it turns out, the rights were still available and, if not for my own recent illness, we would have been moving ahead on an audiobook version by now. Now he's dead, and at the ridiculously early age of 61. I am truly shocked. There's no indication yet of what happened. 

I can't call myself a friend of his, just somebody who worked with him once and was very much looking forward to working with him again. I chatted with him on a couple of occasions, but they were good chats. He was funny, and droll, and namedropped some huge names into the conversation precisely because, "I like hearing you go, 'Whaaaaaat?'" and then he'd laugh. 

Thoughts, of course, to his family and close friends. 


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6th Feb, 2013 17:32 (UTC)
Noooooo :(
He was one of my favorite actors and I really liked his voice. I can't believe he's gone... this really is no age in this time and age. Although I noticed in some recent pictures that he didn't look too well. That's so sad... I hope he is well wherever he is now.
Joy Horvath
3rd Mar, 2013 05:47 (UTC)
This is incredibly sad. The voices of Cabal have gone from this world...

I downloaded the audio books from Audible shortly after buying them in physical format a few summers ago. I adored the story but couldn't find much time to sit and read, as I commuted very long distances for work. After the first few minutes I was so happy that I had both formats. Cazenove and Sachs both portrayed Cabal so well! His snark, his accent, his general exasperation with the world... perfect. When I finally got my hands on a copy of the Fear Institute, it was their voices I heard as I read.

Will the Fear Institute audio book be a project that ever moves forward at this point? Or is finding a third talent for such a wonderful series just asking for too much?
3rd Mar, 2013 14:30 (UTC)
It is very sad indeed. A month later I still find myself thinking about Robin and I still haven't entirely got my head around the fact that he's gone. As I said in my blog entry, I only spoke to him on a couple of occasions, although they were good long chats, so I can only call myself an acquaintance. The thing is, he was ridiculously easy to like, and I liked him. I was looking forward to working with him again and... this. Just astonishing in the worst way.

As for THE FEAR INSTITUTE, still a bit hard to think of doing the audiobook when the first thought is, "Oh, yes, I've got that covered. Robin Sachs is going to be doing it." There is a steady stream of requests for the audiobook, though, and quite apart from the commercial aspect of it, I feel I'd be letting people down if I didn't try and sort something out. I've given it some consideration, therefore, and will be sounding it out with the necessary parties. I'd expect to know sooner rather than later whether I've come up with a viable plan, i.e. in the next six weeks or so. I'd certainly like an audiobook to be available at about the same time the US edition comes out in the autumn.
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