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BristolCon 2012

Woo, lookit, a non-Twitter entry. 

Bristolcon 2012

Anyway, BristolCon 2012 is happening this Saturday the 20th and I shall be doing stuff at it. Specifically: 

14:00-14:45 -- I shall be signing books in Programme Room 1. They may even be my own. I am told there will be copies of Katya's World available, over a fortnight before they're due in the shops. I should have a few myself, but Forbidden Planet in the traders' rooms should have some if all goes to plan. There will also be copies of the Cabal novels for sale. 

15:00-15:45 -- I'll be appearing again in Programme Room 1 on the Women in Sensible Armour panel along with Danie Ware, Joanne Hall, and Foz Meadows, and moderated by the legendary (and terribly dapper) Philip Reeve. I've ranted about stupid fantasy armour on Twitter a few times in the past, so I'm there as the token outraged male, I think (Mr Reeve doesn't count. He's there to moderate and is therefore above us as Asgard is above Midgard). 

17:50-17:55 -- A reading, once more in Programme Room 1. No idea what, yet. It's only five minutes, so I'm fretting a bit over what's short and punchy enough for that. 

19:00-19:45 -- Just across the hall in Programme Room 2 for another panel. This one is Nano or Nono, How to Survive a Writing Challenge, about the rigours of things like NaNoWriMo, and whether they're a sensible thing to do or a mistake. Ben Jeapes will be moderating that one, with Dolly Garland, Joanne Hall, Leigh Kennedy, and myself doing the panelling. 

I should also point out that at 18:00-18:45 in Programme Room 1 there will be a thing in memory of "Ghost of Honour" Colin Harvey, who died last year. The hope is that an anthology Colinthology will be launched then, all profits going to the hospital charity that Colin worked for. This won't be a morbid affair; that's really not the sort of chap he was by all accounts and he wouldn't have wanted that. I have a story in Colinthology. It's set in a bar. The editors tell me a sod of a lot of the stories are set in bars and pubs and there is a lot of beer involved. That's what Colin would have wanted. 

Anyway, if you're in that neck of the woods, at least consider it. It's £20 for a full day's serious fun (and a goody bag), which is a bloody good deal, I think. Hope to see you there. 



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